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Hello Tedsaban parents.  I am the new foreign teacher for the MEP.  My name is Carl.  I am an American.  I have been teaching ESL for 14 years.  I have taught ESL in 6 countries and have traveled to 18 countries.


Thailand is my favorite country after America.  When someone asks me, “What do you like about Thailand,” I answer, “Everything!  What’s to not like about Thailand?”  Beautiful nature, friendly people, good transportation system, reliable postal system, enjoyable tourism, easy shopping, discount stores, fresh fruit, cold drinks, 7-11.  There’s nothing I don’t like about Thailand  –  except maybe the super spicy food.


Thai students are my favorite students.  They are sharper, learn more material, and learn faster.  They are more enthusiastic and more cooperative.


As you know, English is the official language of ASEAN.  So I will be emphasizing situational English:  English at the supermarket, restaurant, department store, mall, market, travel agency, bank, hotel, hospital, bus station, post office.  Plus body parts, clothes, home items, hygiene, colors, vehicles, technology, geography, and occupations.  I will also emphasize conceptual English:  skills like giving directions, solving problems, and describing things.


In lower primary level classes, I emphasize vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar, and short sentences.  In upper primary classes, I emphasize complete, correct sentences through conversation and storytelling.  In all primary levels, I use videos, flash cards, photos, and posters.  Plus games, puzzles, crafts, and music.


I look forward to teaching your children and will give you progress reports.  You can contact me at 0619609818, teachenglishabroad @ yahoo.com.


For curriculum and homework, check updates on this site:




For photos of me with students and staff from around the world, check out my Facebook page:




Word Smith Veteran

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